Our family loves everything about Camp Pegasus! It has been such a positive and fulfilling experience for Sam. He looks forward to coming every day and talks about it all winter long. Sam’s words: “They get me!” Sam has grown tremendously because of Camp Pegasus and the Art of Friendship.
— Parent

I am a teacher in TE school district and I recommend it to families who I think will benefit from your program. I have heard from some people that they feel the program is expensive, but my response is always the same: it’s worth every penny. Thank you for your hard work and patience with our son. We truly appreciate all you do.
— Parent

We have been very happy with Camp Pegasus for 2 years now! Where else do you come across counselors that are always cheery, and a Director that personally says goodbye to each and every kid and parent?
— Parent

You’re the best camp in the universe, keep up the good work!!! :)
— Parent

It was an absolutely wonderful experience for my son. This was his first time attending this camp and this type of camp. It was well organized; the counselors were amazing in working with the kids. Lots of fun and my son learned some social skills without even realizing it.
— parent

I feel grateful to have such a wonderful camp to send my daughter to. Everyone was kind,
professional, helpful, pleasant, even when the weather was unbearably hot. The staff clearly
care about what they are doing, and they went above and beyond to make sure that my
daughter had a good time. I have no concerns when I drop off my child. My daughter had a
great time, and felt good about herself.
— parent

The camp exceeded my high expectations with how smoothly run everything was, the daily
communications, the daily PHOTOS!, wonderful and attentive staff. My daughter made some
legit friends and we both can’t wait for her to return next year. So grateful that a program like
Camp Pegasus exists in our community.
— parent

So few people out there really “get” how to interact with our child and kids like him, but
the staff at Camp Pegasus are clearly very highly trained. They truly “got” what he’s about and
how to interact with him. The staff provided such a safe, happy space while also preparing the
kids to make it out in the real world. I know my son picked up on some specific skills and techniques he can use moving forward.
— parent