Imagine Camp Pegasus

PICTURE how you will feel after a summer in which your child is…

…completely UNDERSTOOD and properly SUPPORTED by all camp staff.

…EMBRACED and not punished for social miscues or emotional reactions.

…CELEBRATED for his unique gifts.

…taught and EMPOWERED to make friends.

…HAPPY at pick-up time, saying,, “I had a great day today.” (and shares details!)

IMAGINE a summer in which…

…your child LEARNS powerful social & coping skills to SUCCEED socially & academically when school resumes

…you feel fully CONFIDENT your child will be OK at camp,

…your child finally tastes the JOYFUL SUMMER that ALL children deserve.

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At Camp Pegasus, your child will...


CP in a nutshell

At Camp Pegasus, clear and memorable social skills lessons are coupled with the chance for social practice all day long.

Our sparkly staff employ a sloppy, carnival-style reward system to encourage campers to try & repeat brand new positive social-coping skills. Playing, laughing, singing, and sweating together gives rise to new exciting social skills and also reveals social weaknesses.

Staff lovingly use compassionate social coaching to turn social mess-ups into learning opportunities. As soon a challenge is overcome…we go right back to praising and rewarding! Onward and upward!

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PROMOTING neuro-diversity

We embrace children, who, in neuro-typical settings are considered “quirky”, “different”, or “special”. Not all, but some campers even come with a diagnosis such as High Functioning Autism, ADHD, ODD, or a learning disability.

Here at Camp Pegasus we call these children, “kids”, “campers”, and “friends”.

One teenage camper put it best, “This is the first place I ever felt like I could be myself.”

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effective & Gaining evidence!

Camp Pegasus is an intensive social-coping skills therapy/training program disguised in a super-fun day camp structure. Explore this website to learn more about the magical structure of “the little camp that could”

We rock!

In 2015, an outcome study found that the Camp Pegasus program helped campers increase “expected” (pro-social) behaviors & decrease “unexpected” (unhelpful) behaviors. A follow up study was undertaken in summer 2018 and we are eagerly awaiting the results. Stay tuned!

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Each camper is as unique and gifted as the flying horse that inspired our camp’s name. Pegasus, the winged-horse creature from mythology, is unlike any other animal. Capable of flying anywhere, this horse was born out of disaster and with a mighty stomp, created a beautiful fountain that became a source of life and art. Like its namesake, Camp Pegasus is a unique camp created for children who are seeking a camp experience unlike any other.

The Camp Pegasus difference is this:

Every Camper has the OPPortunity to soar!