Social-Coping Skills Training

Camp Pegasus’ social skills curriculum was originated out of the clinical practice and research of the Art of Friendship Social Skills Program, the original social emotional coping skills training program in the Philadelphia Region.

The art of friendship's curriculum's language presents complex social-emotional coping skills.

At Camp Pegasus campers get daily direct instruction in these social/emotional coping skills:

Social-coping Skills Training

The way one thinks about and understands social situations is the very foundation of one's social interactions. One cannot plan or execute effective social behavior without accurate assessment of the people and situation. Our curriculum provides our campers a kid-friendly framework to think through each social situation they enter. With effective social-coping training, the camper CHOOSES and PERFORMS the best possible behavior to fit in and succeed! At Camp Pegasus social emotional coping skills training is taught in daily lessons. The social emotional coping skills training ideas and language run as underlying themes and conversation throughout the entire camp experience. 


  1. Theory of Mind: understanding and accepting that everyone has a different mind

  2. Recognizing social cues: understanding others’ feelings and needs

  3. Taking others’ perspective: predicting others’ feelings, needs, and motivations

  4. Social cause and effect: linking one’s behavior to others’ reactions

  5. Fitting in: thinking through each social situation and selecting the best possible social response

  6. Big picture thinking: compromising to keep relationships and group activities fun and functional

  7. Flexibility: adjusting behaviors to keep relationships comfortable & functioning

  8. Self regulation and coping with feelings and impulses: cognitive behavioral coping skills are taught to relieve frustration, anger, and anxiety

Reward System


Camp Pegasus_rewards.jpg

At Camp Pegasus, an “aggressively positive” and fun reward system provides structure and encourages campers to practice their social skills. Our counselors observe with eagle eyes to catch every camper’s positive interactions.

Counselors give specifically targeted praise so the camper is aware of the social skill he used. Campers and bunks earn points for these positive social behaviors and can purchase rewards each day.

Camp is inherently fun and at Camp Pegasus we make practicing positive social skills fun as well. The external motivation of the rewards help campers manage themselves internally and teaches cause and effect. They learn self awareness and that their actions (cause) impact friendships (effect). Campers THINK A LITTLE HARDER about their own behavior and work to control their impulses.