Why Camp Pegasus?

Camp Pegasus is a co-ed day camp run by Mike Fogel who brought you the award winning Art of Friendship Social Skills Program. It is designed with your child in mind!

With years of experience providing social skills therapy groups for over 1,000 children in the Philadelphia area, we have a complete understanding about how your child thinks and copes with social situations. We have honed specialized treatment secrets and teaching strategies for children struggling with ADHD, High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s type), learning differences, and other social challenges.


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At Camp Pegasus, your child will...


Friendships start here

Camp Pegasus is a place where children who struggle with social skills CAN interact successfully. It's a place where children who feel like they don't fit in CAN belong. It's a place where children who have trouble controlling themselves CAN handle frustration. But mostly, Camp Pegasus is a place where children who grapple with friendships CAN have great friends!

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Success Starts here

Camp Pegasus is a source of inspiration for families who struggle with the needs of a child with ADHD, High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s type), Autism Spectrum disorders like PDD and other learning disabilities. Embedded in fun camp activities like sports, art, music and computers are social skills lessons that bring the answers to questions your child seeks. Why do I get so mad during kickball? How come those kids won't play with me? What did I do that made the teacher upset with me?

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At Camp Pegasus, simple social skills lessons are coupled with the chance for practice. Under the guidance of highly trained counselors, children who struggle with social interactions experience success.  Additionally, special activities involving Magic (the card game), Yu-Gi-Oh, Legos and Garage Band, coupled with traditional camp activities, bring a fun-filled camp day to those same children.

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Each camper is as unique and gifted as the flying horse that inspired our camp’s name. Pegasus, the winged-horse creature from mythology, is unlike any other animal. Capable of flying anywhere, this horse was born out of disaster and with a mighty stomp, created a beautiful fountain that became a source of life and art. Like its namesake, Camp Pegasus is a unique camp created for children who are seeking a camp experience unlike any other.

The Camp Pegasus difference is this:

Every Camper has the OPPortunity to soar!