Extended School Year (ESY)

Camp Pegasus often provides Extended School Year social skills services. If your child has an IEP with the school district, you can request that Camp Pegasus be your ESY provider. This is negotiated by your school district independent of Camp Pegasus.

Note to School Districts:

Contact us for ESY rates.

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Camp Pegasus must ensure that our groups are successful for the entire group as well as your child individually. Sometimes, a child's developmental needs or coping difficulties greatly impact the group’s functioning. In those cases, we might observe behaviors that are disruptive, oppositional, tantrum, or hurtful. Staff are skilled and diligent in our attempts to resolve these conflicts. At times, the resolution for the child cannot be reached in the context of the group setting and we may need to discontinue your child’s attendance in the group. In that situation, we will try to offer alternative interventions that might be of more benefit to your child.