Who are Camp Pegasus Campers?

Our typical campers are kind girls and boys who have minimally completed kindergarten AND will be between 6-16 years old by the beginning of camp. 

Camp Pegasus specializes in helping kids both WITHOUT - and WITH - a formal diagnosis of anxiety, high functioning Autism (formerly Asperger's Syndrome), gifted, ADHD, and learning differences. We specialize groups for different social abilities so that your child will be comfortable and and be able to form meaningful peer relationships.

Students with an aide at school should attend camp Pegasus with an aide.

Camp Pegasus is for children seeking a safe place to learn & practice social skills and is not designed to treat disruptive behavior.*

Our camp will beautifully support children who:

  • misread social cues such as body language or voice inflections

  • are shy and socially awkward

  • have difficulty initiating and/or sustaining conversation or play

  • are inflexible and argue with peers

  • misunderstand when it is necessary to give up control and compromise

  • have low frustration tolerance and anger management difficulties

  • struggle with transitions, anxiety, impulsivity, etc.

Our program is NOT able to support children with:

  • significant self-regulation challenges, such as: extreme physical or verbal aggression, frequent and uncontrolled tantrums, or a tendency to elope (run away)

  • extreme preoccupation with internal thoughts or experiences, perseveration on ideas/objects to the exclusion of focus on peers or activities

  • pervasively oppositional and defiant behaviors

  • intellectual Disability

  • nonverbal or inconsistently verbal 

  • Camp Pegasus is not recommended for childhood challenges such as O.D.D., D.M.D.D., Attachment Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and school district I.E.P. classification of Emotional Support.

  • Children who bully others are not welcome at Camp Pegasus as the program must be a safe haven for children who had been victimized by bullying.

At Camp Pegasus, we must ensure that our groups are safe & successful for the entire group as well as your child. Sometimes, a child's developmental needs or coping difficulties greatly impact the group’s functioning.In those cases, we might observe behaviors that are disruptive, oppositional, tantrum, or hurtful. Our staff are skilled and diligent in our attempts to resolve these conflicts. At times, the resolution for the child cannot be reached in the context of the group setting and we may need to change your child's group placement or discontinue your child’s attendance the program. In that situation, we try to recommend alternative therapeutic or camp interventions that may better benefit your child.

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Camp Pegasus offers co-ed bunks for 80 campers in each session. We limit every bunk to 10 campers. Bunks are separated by two characteristics: (1) age and (2) supervisory needs.

  1. Group assignments are initially determined by age and developmental level. Placement is then refined by...

  2. The degree of structure, support, and supervision of the campers

Thoughtful assessment enables us to place children with peers who are a great fit.


To ensure campers’ social skill success, Camp Pegasus offers an extremely low camper to staff ratio ensuring that campers receive individualized social support and training. Staffing ratios are usually 2.5:1 or 2:1.